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The birth of Bingo Palace took place after several other professional endeavors did not evolve into satisfying careers. Mema Helene, an avid bingo player inspired a new life, which is now known as Bingo Palace. Since the early 1980’s Bingo Palace has been a family-run establishment that has given charity organizations the opportunity to raise money for our community. Over the past 25+ years, we have earned an honest reputation in the industry. This trust and dedication can be seen in the staff which have consisted of generations of employees who have become family.

Bingo Palace is the largest bingo hall in south Hampton Roads with spacious, comfortable seating, free parking in a well-lighted parking lot with security, huge non-smoking section and a full-service snack bar. Play regular bingo, intants, pull-tabs, quickies, blowouts, Treasure Chest, Lucky 7, Door prizes and more! Open Friday midnight, saturday and sunday, with a total of 7 sessions. bingo is good, clean fun for adults of all ages!*


444 S. Lynnhaven Road

Va. Beach, VA 23452


* Must be 18 years of age for most games, however, some charities allow 16 year olds accompanied by an adult.


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